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Creative Finger Umbrella
Creative Finger Umbrella
Creative Finger Umbrella
Creative Finger Umbrella
Creative Finger Umbrella
Creative Finger Umbrella

Creative Finger Umbrella

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Now you can give the middle finger to old mother nature and people who want to take cover beside you with the middle finger umbrella. Not only will you be sticking it to rain clouds, but you’ll be staying dry all while making a bold statement. Umbrella ella ella Whether you’re living in London, staying in Seattle or just chilling in Cherrapunji there’s one naturally occurring phenomenon that’s almost always messing up your day.

Because, unless you’re a tree, a dried-up riverbed or some kind of obscure, hibernating, desert frog; water falling from the sky is a real hassle. No matter whether it’s a cold November rain, some April showers or just the rains down in Africa; we’re sick of all this water raining on our parade. Which is why we’re showing the heavens who's boss with the all new Up Yours Umbrella.

Of course we know that a portable, rain protection device isn’t exactly ground-breaking, but frankly we’ve had just about enough and we’re blaming it on the rain. Armed with thisbrilliant brolly you can now be singing and dancing in the rain without raindrops falling on your head, all the while knowing that you’re letting those dark clouds know just how you feel. Rain, rain, go away, come again another day.

Or even better, just p*ss off all together. Please Note: We appreciate that rain is a vital element of our natural eco-system and is a main source of that sweet, life-giving nectar known as water. We just wish it didn’t have to happen after we’d done our hair especially. 

Type: Umbrellas
Panel Material: Pongee
Size: M
Control: Non-automatic Umbrella
Pattern: Three-folding Umbrella
Function: Folding
Age Group: Adults
Product: Sunny and Rainy Umbrella
Model Number: Rain Women Parasol men Umbrella
Material: Polyester